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Show all Networker clients (on BR server):

Create a small script:

cat /tmp/cl.cmd
. type: nsr client;scheduled backup: Enabled
show name;group;comment;"save set";"browse policy";"retention policy"

Run nsradmin:

nsradmin -i /tmp/clientlist.cmd

or use follwoing script to get a csv file: link

Check if the backup was done:

mminfo -av -s backupserver > /tmp/output.av

grep " cb " /tmp/output.av | less

Login to the nsr backup server:

nsradmin -c backup_Server

Check nsr backup logs

grep "PM Query" `ls -tr | grep Srv | tail -1` | tail -4

Label tape in jukebox

Check jukebox and tape status: 
/usr/sbin/nsr/mminfo -m
/usr/sbin/nsr/nsrjb -v 

Label tapes in slot 5 and 6:
/usr/sbin/nsr/nsrjb -L -j JB_tapelab -S 5-6 -Y -b tapelab

Check status again with mminfo and nsrjb
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